Edmonson County Clerk’s Office Temporary Closure

The Edmonson County Clerk’s Office will be closed Saturday, November 14, 2020 and also on Monday, November 16th and Tuesday, November 17th after a notification from the Barren River Health Department due to Covid-19 case in their office.

“Anyone that has been in our office knows, based upon the layout of our desks and with our new glass partitions that we try to practice social distancing. Plus, we’ve had a hand sanitizer for years for public use as well. Yet, despite our best efforts, sometimes these things happen” said County Clerk Kevin M.
Alexander. ‘We need to err on the side of caution, and make sure we get everything deep cleaned and sanitized before having the public come back in.”

It has been a busy season for the County Clerk’s office, having just finished off the 2020 General Election paperwork this past week. After re-opening to foot traffic in the office in early July, Alexander said they have been fortunate to not have this happen already. ‘We see a tremendous amount of people, handle a lot of paperwork, and travel the same paths daily that many others do.”

At this point, Alexander said the plan will be to re-open on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, unless something else arises.

‘We want to be open and able to take care of our citizens, and we realize being closed is difficult for the public. Our responsibility is to make sure this is a safe environment for both the people that walk in and out our doors and the people that work here.”