Edmonson County Clerk Kevin M. Alexander announced that while the Edmonson County Courthouse remains closed to public until at least June 1st, the County Clerk’s will remain closed to walk-in traffic a bit longer, even possibly until after the June 23rd Primary Election.

 “It is a frustrating situation for everyone” said Clerk Alexander.  “We enjoy being open and waiting on our citizens, definitely more than doing almost everything by telephone or mail.  Most County Clerk’s offices have already given out a firm July 1st opening, but we’re going to monitor the situation weekly.” 

Since the Covid-19 outbreak in early March, the Clerk’s office has been processing renewals or vehicle registrations through mail, over the telephone, and via online renewals done by individuals through the Kentucky Department of Transportation’s website, drive.ky.gov.  While most transfers of title have been done through the mail, some transfers of title, along with the issuance of marriage licenses and notary public paperwork, has been performed by Deputy Clerks or Clerk Alexander via appointment by going directly to individual’s vehicles.  That will continue for now.

 “Going back and forth, getting paperwork and bringing it in, typing it and returning it, it’s a lot of on-the-go” said Clerk Alexander.  “Most people have been wonderful about just mailing in transfers, which has helped us tremendously.  However, some situations require more help, and we’ve been trying to do that.  Our telephone stays in use almost constantly, but that means we are busy.”

 Clerk Alexander said he can understand some of the confusion the public might have on what offices are open and which ones are closed.  Ultimately, he wants the public to realize why the Clerk’s office could be closed longer than others.

 “Yes, the Judge-Executive’s office opened up today (May 18) and the Sheriff did too, but those offices do not have the volume of walk-in traffic that ours does” he said.  “We have the responsibility of preparing for a Primary Election on June 23rd that will be completely different than any other we’ve had, too, and with a four-person office, we are going to take as much precaution as possible to stay healthy so we can have a successful election.  This isn’t out of want, but necessity.”

 Clerk Alexander said he is certainly looking forward to the day things can return to some sort of sense of normalcy. 

 “We love waiting on our people.  That’s really what our office gets to do that most of the others do not.  This has really been a difficult thing for our community, our state, and our entire country.  I know not just our staff, but all community officials are looking forward to brighter days ahead.”

 Alexander said that information on the upcoming election and the changes in procedure will be released on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.